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Maryland, under 3.5 wins/+125: The Terrapins’ non conference schedule, which features a home game against Syracuse and a road game at Temple, will likely do them in. If they go 1 2 to start the year, it’s hard to find three Big Ten wins with a loaded East slate and crossovers at Minnesota, home against Nebraska and at Purdue. Maryland is going to have a rough first season under new coach Mike Locksley..

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canada goose uk shop Much of the local conversation acknowledged that the work was weak, but the focus was more on Mr. Valente and the crisis itself. Criticism of the ad arose only after news of the video broke. This mass culling of billions of newborn chicks each year has upset not only animal welfare groups, but the egg industry itself has recognized a need to end the process. And that has fueleda quiet international race to develop technologyto determine the gender of a chicken egg before it hatches, known as in ovo sexing.Male chicks are « macerated, » as the egg industry callsthe slaughter, because according to the hard math of modern day poultry farming, themales are useless: They cannot grow up to lay eggs, and they’re not the fast growing breeds that are sold as meat.It says its technology would solve an animal welfare problem as well as a financial one for egg hatcheries, which under current methods spend money incubating eggs for 21 days and then sorting out by hand and culling the males that hatch from half of them. Male eggs could instead besold on grocery shelves, Vital Farms chief executive Matt O’Hayer said.[Egg producers say they’ll stop grinding newborn male chickens to death]The wide scale adoption of in ovo sexing technology would be another win for chickens, which have become some of the more the unlikely beneficiaries of the animal welfare movement canada goose uk shop.